Monday, January 27, 2014

Tomas Kubalik

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Tomas Kubalik

Currently with Prague Lev in the Kontinental Hockey League (Russia).

Found in a pack of 2013-14 Score Hockey on January 18, 2014. 

I bought four packs of 2013-14 Score, and this autographed card of Tomas Kubalik was in one of them. This year's Score hockey cards had autographed card seeded one per box. Lucky me...or so I thought.

After the "Cool!" factor wore off, I quickly realized how lame this card really is. What we have here is a sticker-graph of a minor league player, pictured wearing a Blue Jackets jersey while the card is adorned with Jets logos -- a team he never played for.  Kubalik spent all of 2012-13 in the minors, so he's about two years removed from his last NHL action. An autograph is still better than a jersey card, but I wish this was at least of a current fourth-liner instead of a guy who's NHL career was a dozen games.


Darrell said...

bought a Fat Pack box and I pulled two a signed Tye McGinn (Hot Rookie) & Stefan Elliott, and last week I bought a pack at the dollar store and pulled a Antoine Roussel (Hot Rookie.
I love how they use a different picture now on the autographed card.

Sal said...

Wow. That is some great luck you have there. It is nice that Panini uses different photos for the auto'd cards now.

ryan said...

Had the same reaction to a Casey Wellman auto.

Sal said...

LOL. At least the photo is different, right?