Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jack Skille

hockey cardhockey card
hockey card
2011-12 TTM Stats
Letters sent: 115
Successes: 50
Percentage: 43%
Jack Skille

Currently with the Florida Panthers.

Fan letter sent: October 31, 2011.

Autographs received: March 1, 2012.

Jack Skille was never really able to crack the Chicago Blackhawks lineup during his first few years of pro hockey. He was a bit player when the team won the Stanley Cup in 2010. But after the team lost half of its players due to salary cap issues, Skille finally got his shot.

It didn't last long. Skille was traded midway through the 2010-11 season to the Florida Panthers. Their GM, Dale Tallon, was responsible for the 'Hawks drafting Skille in the 2005 draft. Since then, he has been an NHL regular.

Skille was so kind as to sign all 3 of my cards in black Sharpie marker. He inscribed #12 next to his name on each card, even though he is wearing #20 on the 2009-10 card (bottom left).

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