Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doug Smail

hockey cardhockey card
hockey cardhockey card
hockey card
2011-12 TTM Stats
Letters sent: 115
Successes: 47
Percentage: 40%
Doug Smail

Retired player.

Fan letter sent: February 8, 2012.

Autographs received: February 23, 2012.

Doug Smail played in the NHL for 13 seasons. Most of his career was spent with the Winnipeg Jets, but he also played for the Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques and Ottawa Senators.

Smail signed all 5 of my cards in black Sharpie marker.I tried writing to him earlier this season, but my letter came back marked "Return to Sender."

Fortunately,  fellow blogger and TTM collector Jason so kindly hooked me up with a working address for Smail, who now coaches youth hockey.

You might have noticed that the top right card says "Thomas Steen" at the bottom. That is one of many, many errors that Pro Set made in their inaugural hockey set. Ironically, the company never got around to correcting this one. Steem was slated to play in the 1990 All-Star Game, but was replaced by Smail because he was injured.

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